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Privacy Policy

Welcome to! Here is how we will describe how we collect, use and store data we recieve.

Data we collect

We collect nothing currently without the manual input of the user.

We collect the following data with the manual input or the user:

How we use this data

We use the data specified:

Files set to "unlisted" are only available to those you send the link to, and moderators of

Files set to "public" are viewable to anyone who visits your profile.

Data is not shared with anyone besides moderators of and is not sold to anyone.

This website also does not use any CDN and is reverse proxied via Nginx.

How we store this data

We store any data stored in a MongoDB database on an Debian 20 VPS hosted by Contabo.

This VPS is hosted in New York, New York, USA (see here).

You can view a history of this file here.